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Master Mission ROTW Campaign Terms



This instrument (“Terms and Conditions”) contains the applicable terms and conditions to the campaign named “Master Mission ROTW” (“Campaign”), promoted by Company, through Hotmart BV, a Dutch company, headquartered on Spuistraat 168 C, 1012 VT, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, KVK CCI registry nº 60335777 and the companies that control, are controlled by or are under a common control (“Company”).

  1. Campaign

1.1. The Campaign, promoted by the Company, has the main goal of encouraging the development of the registered and active producers from Company, and consists of the evaluation, during its Validity Term, of the Company’s products’ sales made by the Participants and, consequently, by the GMV (as defined in later) generated on the referred term, and the bestowing of prizes described on this instrument to the Participants that figure on the top 15 of each Range of the Global Goal in each Applicable Territory, as better described below, during the Campaign’s Term and led by the rules here described. 

1.2. The participation in the Campaign is voluntary, does not require the purchase/acquisition of any product or service, whether provided by Hotmart or third parties, and implies the knowledge and acceptance of all terms and conditions from these Terms and Conditions. 

2. Definitions:

2.1. The terms below, in this Terms and Conditions, will have the following definitions:

  • Applicable Territories: ROTW (Rest of the World), whose producers at Hotmart are managed by Mexico, Colombia, Spain, The Netherlands and USA offices.  
  • Awards: means the following awards that shall be granted to a limited number of producers in each Applicable Territory, in accordance with the chart below:

  • Campaign’s Term: means the entire period in which the Campaign shall be active. 
  • Computing Period: means the period in which the sales of the products from the Participants shall be computed for the purpose of verifying the achievement of the Global Goals. 
  • GMV: means the total amount made from the sales of a product available at Company’s platform for a specific period of time. 
  • Release Date: means the date in which the Winner(s) will be announced, which is July 8th, 2022. 
  • Participants: means all the producers that are enrolled and active at Company, and, also, that meet all the eligibility requirements detailed on item 4 of this document. 
  • Ranges: means the four (4) ranges of GMV that the Participants may achieve and each of them shall be correspondent to an Award. 
  • Terms and Conditions:  means all the rules, terms and conditions established on this instrument. 
  • Winner(s): means a limited number of producers, in each one of the 4 (four) Ranges, in each Applicable Territory, to achieve the highest GMV during the Validity Term which will be eligible to receive the Awards.

3. Campaign’s Term and Applicable Territories: 

3.1. The current Campaign is aimed at the Participants located on the Applicable Territories and will take place between 5/1/22 and 6/30/22 (“Campaign’s Term”).

3.2. The period in which the Participants products’ sales shall be computed for verification of the achievement of the GMV in their specific Range will begin on 5/1/22 and end on 6/30/22, being considered solely the sum of GMV earned in the mentioned period (“Validity Term”). The Participants acknowledge and agree that, in case any GMV is generated before 5/1/22 or after 6/30/22, said GMV shall not be considered for the purposes of this Campaign. 

4. Eligibility Criteria:

4.1. All the Company active and registered users are eligible to participate in the Campaign, as long as they are producers, co-producers and agencies and meet the requirement (“Participants”), which are:

(a) To have an account manager from Company;

(b) To be registered on the Campaign through the typeform link that will be shared via e-mail and/or via the Campaign Landing Page until the last day of the Campaign’s Term;

(c) To have a registered and active account at Company for, at least, 7 (seven) days prior to the beginning of the Campaign’s Term; and 

(d) To generate any GMV through registered products on their Company account. 

4.1.1. All the products sold via Company can be used for the purposes of the Campaign, as long as they are approved, without any reservation and/or suitability request, and meet the criteria of the present Terms and Conditions.

4.1.2. The Participants hereby acknowledge and agree that people under eighteen (18) years old or minors in accordance with the applicable legislation of their Applicable Territory and/or Company employee are expressly prohibited from participating in the Campaign.

4.2. The participation on this Campaign implies the full knowledge and acceptance of this present Terms and Conditions by the Participant, as well as the Platform’s Terms of Use and the Policies related to it, including the knowledge and understanding of the Privacy Policy.

4.3.  Company reserves itself the right to disqualify and/or exclude from the Campaign, at any time, any Participant that: (i) directly or indirectly, breach any clause of this Terms and Conditions, of the Company’s Terms of Use and/or any of the related Policies, and/or is considered a risk, under any aspect, to Company, at its sole discretion, and (ii) any Participant, if Hotmart has reason to believe that has simulated fulfillment of the conditions through fraud or acts contrary to good faith or national legal statutes.

5. Campaign Mechanism

5.1. The Campaign, as described on item 1.1 above, consists of the evaluation of the GMV generated by the Participants’s products’ sales during the Computing Period, for the purpose of granting the Awards, in case the Participants reach any of the Ranges and make it to the maximum number of Participants with the highest GMV in their Applicable Territory that are eligible to receive an Award. 

5.1.1. The GMV calculation shall take into account the following: the products’ sales price to the final consumer versus the volume of the products sold (which is, the real amount sold, deducing reimbursements and chargebacks). The calculation shall be done considering the sales made between 12pm of 5/1/22 (May 1st) until 11:59pm of 6/30/22 (June 30th), brazilian time, and reimbursements and chargebacks (purchases not recognized by a consumer at the Company’s platform, for which is demanded the cancellation of the purchase and, consequently, the reimbursement of the acquired product amount) that happen until 6/30/22.

5.2. The Participants that meet the following criteria may be disqualified from the Campaign: (i) Participants that have a reimbursement rate equal or greater than fifteen percent  (15%) of the sales made in the Campaign’s Term and/or (b) chargeback rate equal or greater than one point five percent (1,5%) of the sales made in the Campaign’s Term.

6. Prizes and Winners:

6.1. In order to be considered Winners of the Campaign, the Participants shall be encountered in the limited number of Winners in accordance with the applicable Range and in each Applicable Territory by the end of the Validity Term (as defined in item 2.1. “Awards” Definition). The Winners shall receive the Awards in accordance with the Range in which they are in and their Applicable Territory. 

6.1.1. The Participants hereby acknowledge and agree that if there are more Participants which achieve the Ranges than the limited number of Winners by each Range, the tiebreaker criteria to win the Awards shall be the highest GMV numbers achieved by the Participants. 

6.3. The official announcement of the Winners shall be made on July 8th, 2022 (“Release Date”).

6.3.1. During the Release Date, the account managers will be in touch with their respective Winners to request the necessary information to enable the participation in the Fire Festival 2022 and/or the participation in the online group mentorship, depending on the category of the Awards. In case the information is not sent during the defined date, these Winners might be subject to ticket availability. 

7. Company’s Responsibility

7.1. Each Participant has the entire responsibility to provide the correct, complete and truthful information while registering via typeform, since this data will be used to identify the Participant and eventually, to grant the Awards to the Winners. Thus, the Company will not be responsible for incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Participant, and will also not be responsible if, said case, is unable to contact the Winner and/or to grant the Award. It is the responsibility of each Participant, yet, to regularly verify its phone calls or messages received via phone and/or e-mail regarding the Campaign.

7.2. The Company’s responsibility as to the Participants shall terminate in the moment the Campaign’s Term comes to an end. As to the Winner’s, in turn, said responsibility shall terminate in the moment the Awards are granted, including (but not limited to) in respect to possible vices or defects and/or problems thereof, as well as how to use the Awards.

8. General Terms

8.1. The Participants that don’t meet the criteria previously defined on this Terms and Conditions, or those who practice or try to practice fraudulent and/or violating acts to this Terms and Conditions will not be eligible to win the Awards herein. It shall be considered fraud, for the purposes of this item, the acquisition of advantages and/or benefits unlawfully.

8.2. The Participants hereby agrees and authorizes the Company to use their image, voice and/or statements related to the participation in the Campaign for the purposes of internal and/or external campaigns, including the broadcast of videos and/or pictures edited for the Company’s social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website and every digital outlet existent or to be created, without limitation of period and/or number of times, in Brazil and/or abroad. The authorization of  the use image does not grant any right or benefit to the Participant, and may or may not be used by the Company, at its sole discretion.

8.3. The Participants hereby undertake to maintain total and absolute confidentiality regarding the object of this Terms and Conditions and Campaign, as well as all the information, data and documents eventually shared considering the present Terms and Conditions, committing to not reveal, release, promote, publish, make public or, in any other way, reproduce, totally or partially, any information directly or indirectly related to this instrument to third parties, unless expressly authorized in writing by Company. Such conditions of confidentiality shall prevail even after the termination of this Campaign. 

8.4. The Company also reserves the right to, at any time, upon a prior notice, change the criteria of this Campaign and/or determine its closure, in case Company verifies fraud, technical difficulties and/or any other factor out of its control, that might bring any risk to the Campaign. If Company modifies, cancels or suspends the Campaign, no liability whatsoever shall be derived from these actions, and the Company shall not be responsible or liable to any Participant for any expense or damage, whether special, indirect, direct, incidental, punitive, reliance and or consequential.

8.5. By being a part of this Campaign, in accordance with this Terms and Conditions, Participants agree and accept that the Company may use and share all provided data for the necessary purposes of achieving the proper performance and execution of this Campaign and, also, for eventual agreements to be celebrated with the Participants and for eventual contacts, if necessary, according to the applicable legislation. 

8.6. By being a part of this Campaign, the Participants agree to  be subject to all the Terms and Policies of the Company. 

8.7. For the purposes herein, in any and all disputes arising from the execution of the Campaign and/or from these Terms and Conditions, including, but not limited to, its disclosure, conduct, participation and Awards, the applicable law shall be the Brazilian law and the exclusive courts elected by the parties for the resolution of conflicts arising from this Terms and Conditions shall be the Belo Horizonte Courts, located at Minas Gerais, Brazil.