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Did you know that Amazon requires for your products to be packaged on arrival? That they need to have a barcode already attached?

Do you know what products can’t be accepted by Amazon, or require them to first assess them for suitability?


In that case, you haven’t done your due diligence as an Amazon FBA reseller! These are crucial requirement and there are no ifs and buts – if your product doesn’t meet Amazon’s requirement, then it will be sent back, and you’ll have wasted a lot of money.

Make sure to comb through this section of the site thoroughly, and then check with the manufacturers that you are working with to ensure that they’re capable of meeting those criteria. Will they be able to place your products in some kind of packaging for instance? (More on this later.)

There are also a few things you will need to do yourself – such as purchasing a barcode. All of this is detailed in full in the full ebook, so make sure that you read carefully and don’t skip any critical steps.

You also need to make sure you are fully aware of all the fees that Amazon charges, its terms with regards to storage, the pros and cons of different types of membership account, and more. This will help you to better calculate the precise profit you can make from selling a particular product at a particular price, and it will help you to make savvier decisions.

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