8-Week Legs for Days Training Program: Gym Edition

This 8-week training program provides detailed weight lifting and cardio protocol for 8 weeks to achieve overall leg growth and a toned upper body for women. It includes information on exercise selection, number of sets per exercise, rep range per set, rest in between exercises, reps in reserve per set, and many more. Once purchased you follow the training protocols on your own.

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Sumaiya Sarwar

Hello everyone! Welcome to my page. I am Sumaiya Sarwar, a Bangladeshi female bodybuilder from Queens, New York. I compete in the NPC federation. I have competed as a Women’s Figure competitor and then transitioned into the Women’s Wellness division. I have been competing in bodybuilding shows since 2018. I have competed in four shows so far and placed in the top five in every show I have ever competed in. I am currently in my offseason focusing on more muscular development.

I have been working out since I was six years old. I have been lifting weights for the last fifteen years. I have taken on bodybuilding as a passion since 2016. Over the years I have accumulated knowledge on muscle development, fat loss, body composition change, nutrition, supplementation, exercise selection, exercise form, exercise tempo, hypotrophy, mind-muscle connection, a cardio protocol for fat loss, and so much more. I have been serving women in the USA as a personal trainer and online fitness coach for years. Helping and educating people about a healthy lifestyle is my passion.

I am on this platform my share my knowledge with you. I have several pre-designed nutrition and training programs for women available in e-book formats. Once purchased you follow the program on your own. Please feel free to tag me on social media with feedback on the programs, as well as, before and after pictures once the programs have been completed. You can find me on Instagram and Tiktok @_sumaiyasarwar. If you have any questions about the program or need help understanding the details please do not hesitate to contact me via email: sincerelybysumi@gmail.com If you are interested in purchasing online coaching and or one on one personal training, you can find all the details on my website www.sincerelybysumi.com

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