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In this group you have access to exclusive content such as: a collective reiki every week; tarot guidance for the week; daily astrological energy; be part of collective rituals that will be performed eventually according to the phases of the moon and/or planetary movements; eventual giveaways for tarot readings or other services from me!

Join us and align yourself astrally and energetically!

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Mayara Carvalho
4 Hotmarter Years

Hi. I am Mayara Carvalho, a 32 year old Tarot and Astrology reader and Reiki therapist based in Brazil. My services include tarot readings, birth chart readings and energy treatment. Here in hotmart I share some of my content through collective energy healing groups and ebooks. If you'd like to know more about my services, feel free to contact me at


(PT) Olá, eu sou Mayara Carvalho, tenho 32 anos, sou taróloga, astróloga e terapeuta reikiana. Atendo clientes no mundo todo com consultas de tarot, sessões de cura energética e leituras de mapa astral. Aqui no hotmart eu compartilho meus conteúdos através de imersões e ebooks. Caso você queira conhecer mais dos meus serviços, entre em contato comigo pelo email

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