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They stood before Ziadtroks, their wills shattered by the crown. As a life of servitude started to unravel in the heroes' minds' eyes, space cracked. Out of a fissure came pouring out astral walkers, one of them riding a red dragon, alien words coming out of their mouths, and rays started flying from the watcher's many eyes. Still stunned by the mind control, all the adventurers could do was duck. As rays and dragons' breath flew, another opening appeared and the party was sucked into the astral sea.

The crown's influence faded, unable to traverse the planar boundaries. The heroes were free of Ziadtroks' influence, but also trapped in another dimension far from home. Out of a cage, into the unknown. After taking in their surroundings, marveled by the vast expanse all around, the party decided they would look for a way home. Luckily, a ship was passing by, and they hopped aboard.

The crew was friendly, and they all got along for a long, long time. It was hard to track just how long, with no setting sun, and oddly, no visible aging. It was long enough to pass many asteroids, meet a variety of creatures, and finally find out how to get back to the material plane. There was a catch, though.

As the vessel neared their destination, privateers stood in their way, their many tentacles flailing as they spoke. The two ships clashed, and the adventurers fought for their way home.

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