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Bartender is a great career path and this course will help you unlock the door that leads to a rewarding and profitable future.

Mixologist Marcus Brito has spent over twelve years in the industry and will inspire, excite and educate by taking you behind the bar to turn you into a bartender from absolute zero.

First take a journey on bartender’s role and responsibilities, steps of a perfect bartending service, how to set up the bar, how to start and stock your home bar, essential bartending techniques like muddling, shaking and stirring.

Next become familiar with key bar tools, equipments, spirits, liqueurs, liquor and beverage processes.

Learn how to make classic cocktails from caipirinhas and gin sours to espresso martinis and old fashioners using fresh ingredients.

At the end of the course, you will be awarded with an International Bartender Certificate.

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Marcus Vinicius de Brito Costa
1 Hotmarter Year

I’ve been in the cocktail industry for over 12 years. I started as a hobby, as I have always been a big fan of drinks and cocktail bars. I worked as a financial agent at a renowned bank in Brazil, during this time I used to work as a bartender to make extra income, and I ended up falling in love with the art of bartending.

At the age of 26 I decided to quit this good and unstable job for many, to truly focus on what I am passionate, and dive into this incredible world.

Since 2020, during the pandemic chaos, I’ve decided to share my knowledge from more than 10 years of experience and skills on my instagram. In addition, I started offering courses to those who wanted to learn more about bartending. It was gratifying to see the growth of my students and to be able to help and inspire them to find their best results.

My goal is to teach, coach and inspire my students with everything I have learned along my career and journey, spending not even 10% of the time and value I spent to achieve the results I have today.

Today I became an entrepreneur in the events business, Bartender, Global Mixologist (working in countries like Brazil and Australia), Manager of a Mezcal & Tequila Bar in Australia and instructor of Bartender master classes by Shake & Strain. But what I am most proud of is, my more than 80 students around the world and people that I had the opportunity to contribute someway for their next step.

Teaching and helping people to develop skills to achieve what they seek and seeing the results of my students, has become my passion.

A complete drink-lover and enthusiastic, I turned all my learning into a unique and innovative online experience.

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