Binary Exploits with Python

1 - Modifying Windows Programs

Adding Trojans to EXE Files.

Challenge 1 - Patching an EXE.

Challenge 2 - Patching 19 and 256 EXEs.

Challenge 3 - Assembly Language Programming.

Creating Malware with Metasploit.

EXE Hacking with OllyDbg.

Introductory Assembly Language.

2 - Command Injection

ImageMagick (with Challenge).

Ping Form (with Challenge).

SQL Injection Challenges.

SQL Injection.

String Overflow (with Challenge).

3 - Exploiting Linux Vulnerabilities


Format String Vulnerability.

Heap Overflow.

Redirecting Execution.

Using Msfvenom.

Using Shellcode.

4 - Exploiting Windows Vulnerabilities

Challenges - KSTET and GMON.

Defeating Address Space Layout Randomization.

Defeating Data Execution Prevention.

Exploiting the SEH.

Fuzzing with SPIKE.

Heap Spray.

Stack Buffer Overflow.

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