Biographical Note on Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin by J.-B. Modeste Gence

Nothing better than learning about Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin’s life, the Unknown Philosopher, through the words of someone who personally shared his experience. Jean-Baptiste Modeste Gence gives us a very synthetic view of Saint-Martin’s life and his works through this short biographical note.

It is, of course, far from being complete but it brings us very unique and little-known aspects of the Philosopher of Amboise's life by the vast majority of his followers and admirers. It is a note that gives us great pleasure and satisfaction in reading it, as well as filling some gaps in our knowledge about the life of the founder of Martinism.

In addition, the translator, Charles Lucien de Lièvre, a practicing Martinist par excellence, presents us with a Practical Supplement in the first part of this Note with the aim of encouraging true MEN OF DESIRE to remain persevering in their individual practices. In this Supplement, the translator presents, in addition to the exercises, all the benefits and difficulties that every serious practitioner experiences along the way, as well as advice and tips on ethics and Martinist conduct.

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In addition to a beautifully written biographical note by Jean-Baptiste Modeste Gence, the translator, Charles Lucien de Lièvre inserts in the first part of this note a Practical Martinist Supplement in order to guide and maintain the persevering Martinist in his individual practices with two exercises, advice and tips on how to proceed, as well as explaining in detail all the benefits and difficulties that the practitioner experiences throughout his dedication to the practice. He exposes with great clarity and simplicity the individual practice as the only way to achieve his inner progress, thus being able to carry out work in groups much more profitable and elevated, as it is only through our successful mystical ascesis that every external work becomes really effective.

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Carlos Sérgio Cavassana ou Charles Lucien de Lièvre
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Professor de Inglês, Francês, Italiano e Espanhol, Memorização e Leitura Dinâmica. Orientador prático no uso e desenvolvimento dos poderes mentais. Além de tradutor e intérprete em todos os níveis nos idiomas acima mencionados. Atualmente trabalho com a produção de e-books para ensinar a todos como desenvolver suas capacidades superiores inatas, pois todos somos herdeiros dos mesmos e exatos dons superiores. Ninguém é desprivilegiado de suas faculdades superiores naturais, é preciso apenas que as desenvolva. Por isso hoje me dedico exclusivamente a ensinar todos os métodos e exercícios que apliquei em mim mesmo e cuja eficiência me tornou uma prova viva desta realidade transcendental que todos carregamos em nós mesmos.

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