Module 1: Basic Knowledge of the Zbrush tool


In this module you will learn the basic functions of Zbrush so that you can start your path as a 3D character creator. You will know all the general aspects of the interface of the program, we will guide you with our video classes regardless of whether you have any experience working with 3D software.

Once you become familiar with all the most important and useful tools and panels that this great program offers, you will carry out a project focused on the creation of your first 3d character - organic modeling technique - in Zbrush, where you will create a quadruped comic style, although It is not a complex digital sculpture, you will put into practice the most used tools and techniques.

Another fundamental aspect is that you will apply an organized and very powerful workflow that will lead you to acquire results in a solid and consistent way. Lastly, we will provide you with very valuable and useful knowledge to create rigid surface objects with techniques known as "Hard Surface", which, unlike organic modeling, focuses on the creation of man-made artificial elements such as weapons, cars, and props, as well as some elements from the environments of a video game scene or animated movie o series.

Module 1: Basic knowledge of the tool.

Vol. 1: Zbrush Basic: The software interface is known.

Vol 2: Cartoon Pet.

Vol. 3: Harley Queen weapon.

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