The Course - American accent, pronunciation, and confidence for Brazilians who already speak English

For Brazilians who already understand and speak English: here's how to improve your pronunciation, clarity, and confidence - and maybe even get closer to an American accent. Taught by a native speaker from the US who speaks with roughly a so-called "General American" accent, who also speaks Portuguese very well (and is getting closer to "sounding like a native" every day) and understands the challenges you have as a Brazilian. This course is taught in English, but is designed specifically for Brazilians who already speak English, but still want to improve how they feel & sound.

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Brazilians who already speak English & want to improve their pronunciation, confidence, & accent

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Will Rosenberg
4 Hotmarter Years

Will is a native speaker of American English from the United States.

He started Simple American Accent in November 2018 to specifically focus on helping Brazilians to improve how they sound and feel in English, and to optionally get closer to a so-called General American accent.

He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, and has familiarity with Dutch, Italian, Russian, and more.

He has spent over 15 years acquiring foreign languages and accents, and actually using them both personally and professionally. He seeks to speak "like a native" in every foreign language he learns. And he does this with a combination of childlike play and mature strategy and dedication.

He believes languages and accents are meant to be lived and enjoyed, not just studied from afar. He values human connection, conversation, experimentation, and effective communication far above strictly rule-focused / academic-limited approaches.

He is a former engineer, who left the engineering world in 2018 to begin professionally helping others with foreign language and accent.

He has gotten very close to a native level in Spanish (to both the Puerto Rican and Malagueño dialects) and was certified at a C2 level, although it's a bit rusty now. We'll let you judge his progress in Brazilian Portuguese, which has been his main focus for several years.

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