Drum Kids - Practical Method For Children - Module 3 Rock/Pop - Brazilian Rhythms and Popular Rhythms

"Module 3 brings many new interesting features, such as the Memory Game. After each chapter, having been exposed to new instruments and their use, the child can test his/her skills with a fun and educational activity - the Memory Game - memorizing diverse musical content, which extends to instruments and rhythms. When the rhythm is written, they should identify its name. There is also the exceptional “Dice” game, with figures symbolizing the value of the quarter note, eighth note and sixteenth note. The importance of including some Brazilian Rhythms in this book is unquestionable. It approaches Xote, Baião, Samba and Bossa Nova, playing the snare rim as well. It also brings regional rhythms from the Southeast, such as the Toada, and from the Midwest, like Cururu.

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Review and Theorical Information;

Combining Musical Figures;

Hi-Hat on The Off-Beat;

Bossa Nova;


Xote and Baião;

Practicing Sixteenth Notes;

Regional and Popular Rhythms.

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Leonor Júnior
5 Hotmarter Years

As a Music graduate and postgraduate, drummer and percussionist Leonor Júnior has recorded with several solo musicians and groups from Uberlândia-MG and its surrounding region, such as Quarteto Vagamundo, Orquestra Uberlandense de Viola Caipira, Cícero Mota, Grupo de Choro Fogo na Ropa, Arnaldo Terra, Mistura Boa, Júlio Franco, Fábio Leite, Ivan Rosa, Projeto Doce Harmonia, Goofing Around and Hamilton Faria Quinteto.

He is a Percussion and Drum teacher at the State Conservatory of Music Cora Pavan Capparelli in Uberlândia-MG (since 2006), and at the Municipal Conservatory Galdina Corrêa da Costa Rodrigues in Patos de Minas-MG (since 2016). He has also performed as a drummer and percussionist with the following musicians and groups: Orquestra Uberlandense de Viola Caipira, Cícero Mota, Quarteto Nos Quatro Nós, Hamilton Faria Quinteto, Luciana Oliveira and Quarteto Cariru.

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