Easy Spanish for you

Hello, I'm Miss Eme. I am a native Spanish speaker from Argentina.

I love teaching grammar, and I'm going to explain it in your language, step by step. I'm going to compare the differences and similarities using simple words.

If you want to learn Spanish from the beginning, this is an exceptional opportunity to take your first steps.

If you are a beginner, this course is for you!

You will be able to:

-Use the articles appropriately.

-Identify the gender and number of nouns and adjectives, and use them properly.

-Talk about yourself, say who you are, your nationality or country, your job and marital status.

-Talk about your family and friends.

-Talk about events.

-Indicate your location and position.

-Say how you feel.

-Use expressions with the verbs ser and estar.

-Make personal questions.

-Answer personal questions.

-Talk about possession and relationships.

-Describe people and objects.

-Use primordial vocabulary

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