Excel Vol 1: the methods that boost your productivity

Over the last 20 years i have been doing industrial projects close to operations, r&d, engineering and continuous improvement functions. It is very often to see professionals struggling to do calculations and data management effectively. This becomes critical when people are promoted to managerial positions, project management or any position of responsibility when they are asked to take decisions, present historical data, understand the trend and project their estimations.

We try hard to present data on excel but we fail short to organize the workflow (input, process, output). This results in mistakes, slow speed, impossible rework and no automation at all. This condition sooner or later will bottleneck our performance and slow down our evolution.

I want to suggest a methodology that will change your perception on excel from using it as a presentation tool (data here and there) to using it as a data management tool that can do calculations for you, automate your actions and help you save time, process many dimensions and collaborate effectively with others. When you do that, presentation will be effective and dead easy.

The agenda is kept short and critical. I suggest that the methods presented in this course will help you build a high productivity and a clear workflow. Presentation will then be effortless, rework will be easy and you will be able to follow the flow when you visit the file after a while. This is necessary for you to survive data poor environments and organize yourself and impact your organization.

Check agenda for more details, i hope i can help you in your business needs and this course meets your expectations.

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Spyridon Fousias

I am a Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager that was lucky enough to engage challenging and innovative industrial projects close to great visioners and mentors.

i have built advanced Analytical and Business /Proj mgt Skills in order to handle complicated Business Exercises , Strategic Projects under a continuous Improvement and Work Ethics Mentality.

At this moment, i am:

Providing services to the following fields:

-Project Management (Big Scale Governance, Business Impact, Analytics)

-R&D (Mgt: profitability,risk,capacity, Analytics, Innovation)

-OPS Performance (Productivity/Yield, Analytics)

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