Face to face Women’s Circle - November 25th, 2022

What is it?

A safe space where we can share our experiences and, through the willingness to silence, build a space without judgment in which the woman calmly exposes her experience, personal stories without interruption or expectation that someone will offer her advice or help.

As Jean Shinoda Bolen says: ‘Each of us wields the power to make change. By channelling our passions into all that we do, our voices and our actions, we take this world one step closer to being a better home for all who live in it. But joining with others is key to this effort. Bolen emphasizes the importance of relying on a support system, particularly women’s circles, to grow in influence.’

Since ancient times, the ritual of sitting around a fire and telling stories has been an effective way for cultures to pass on cultural traditions, support each other and make decisions of group conscience. This practice has many benefits. In a face-to-face circle we use a "talking stone," to ensure that each woman is listened to, without interruption. Passing the stone in a circle gives each person a chance to speak and voice an opinion. In a circle, each person is equal to the next.

Discipline and commitment is required from each participant in order to create structure and to ensure the circle is safe and remains like this as we move forward. It also enables the circle to be nurtured, cultivated, and sustained over time.

The circle is open to women of any age and has no ties to religion.

Duration of the circle: 1h and 30 min

Location: Espaço Nova Atitude - Passeio da Misericórdia, 1D - Montalvão – (junto à Santa Casa), 2900-069 Setúbal


25/11 (Friday at 10 am)

About the Facilitator:

Aline is a Complementary Therapist and Women’s Circle facilitator and has been working with woman since 2012. For a long time, she felt the need to create a space for a woman to gather and share stories. She was sexually

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