Family Constellation Therapy

Constellations look at the unconscious family imbalances that move through generations causing pain and destruction in your life now in search for balance.

Unlike most forms of therapies, this one is an extremely quick one. It doesn't keep you stuck looking into the past and blaming your parents for the love you needed and didn't receive from them. But rather teaches you how to take them for who they are and move on into your best future.

Families are social groups called systems with its patterns and habits developed throughout several generations to make them survive.

However, there is something called the orders of love regulating these family systems. Once one of them is broken, it will cause symptoms in its members from anxiety, diseases, unsuccessful careers to destructive relationships and much more... that will echoes generation after generation randomly selecting its members to repeat destructive patterns until these orders are restored.

These natural laws tolerate no exclusions and dictate how we live and how we die. And when balanced, they bring peace and harmony.

According to Bert Hellinger, psychotherapist and developer of this amazing technique, nearly all pains come from some type of separation, an unconscious and very deeply rooted one. Separations cause traumas and scar entire families.

Only facts matter:

- Who died early?

- Who was killed?

- Who committed suicide?

- Who left?

- Who was kicked out?

- Who was sick for long periods of time?

- Who was abandoned?

- Who was adopted?

And so on...

This course is made for you to start changing your life right away for the better.

For every person who buys this course, there is a promotional a personal Constellation Session available for £20 instead of £99 with myself. Just send me a text in the question box to book it.

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- Free yourself from inherited family trauma

- Achieve harmony and inner peace

- Find what's stopping your success and money flow

- Become yourself

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Christina Bucher
1 Hotmarter Year

Consultoria em desenvolvimento pessoal.

Constelação Familiar, Life Coaching, PNL.

Meu livro: "Sua História Não Começa com Você"

O que é Constelação Familiar, o que ela pode fazer por você, como identificar e eliminar emaranhados, auto-constelação, 26 casos para ilustrar a teoria do curso, 2 entrevistas com consteladoras bem diferentes; uma trabalhou com Bert Hellinger e o que tirei da minha entrevista com Rupert Sheldrake - cientista inglês que elucidou o campo.

Saí do jornalismo para a Constelação. Vivo fora do Brasil há muitos anos.

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