Accelerates Emotional Burning


"Weight loss permanently, eliminating emotional weight and accelerating your metabolism, losing 12 pounds in just 30 days, after resignifying your emotions, you need to accelerate all the loss of emotional weight stored for years, through our proven and personalized method, we help you to do this in a rapid and definitive way.

The root of the problem of emotional weight in women is related to the imbalance of their relationship with food and weight gain, generating accumulating pounds throughout life. During this period, significant changes occur in the body, such as the decrease in the production of metabolism, leaving the female body a favourable place for fat accumulation, her body followed a low metabolic frequency throughout all life and this directly affects emotional weight gain.

We present the ""Accelerates Emotional Burning"", an innovative system that acts directly on the metabolic rate of your body, accelerating metabolism and eliminating emotional weight quickly and effectively. Through the combination of specific foods, targeted exercises and relaxation techniques, we provide the necessary balance to visible and quick results in a short time."

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