Sain uu! Manai tsaasan urlalyg avsan tand bayarlalaa, bid enekhüü tünshleliig khaaj baigaadaa bayartai baina. Tsaasan urlal ugsrakh ni olon davuu taltai bögööd ene ni ankhaaral tövlörch, amar amgalan, taashaal avchirdag saikhan amralt, emchilgeenii üyed ger büliin mash sain üil ajillagaa baij bolokh yum. Ür dün ni tany durtai öröög tokhijuulakh saikhan goyol chimeglel esvel tany ankhaaral khalamj tavidag khümüüst zoriulsan khairyn beleg baikh bolno, khenii zurag ni niigmiin süljeend gaikhaltai baikh bolno.

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    Ochirbaatar Gankhuyag


    My name is Ochirbaatar

    I'm graphic designer

    I like to make 3d paper sculptures and it's my hobby. By purchasing my designs, I will continue to develop more.

    Thank you very much.

    and you can also email me what style you want to make. I work for a publishing company. This profession helps me to learn many things. You can take the templates from me, cut them out in numerical order, fold them and create whatever you like. This will help you spend your time effectively. More models will be added in the future.

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