Houseplants 101 How to Choose, Style, Grow, and Nurture Your Indoor Plants


Figure 1. Love for plants

You may have noticed that house‐ plants have all of a sudden come back into fashion. Keeping and caring for plants indoors has gone from being something that preoccupies the older generation to a full-blown leafy love affair.

Millennials, especially, fork out up to thousands of dollars to grow their houseplant collection.

There’s no doubt that social media has played a considerable role in taking houseplants back to the glory days of the 80s. Surely, you remember your parents or grandparents tenderly watering the then-famous spider plant. Everyone had one; they make so many tiny 'spiders' that with just a few strategic snips, you could gift a small baby plant to the whole neighbourhood!

Now, years later, this "sharing is caring" attitude has returned to create a new generation of plant parents. The only real difference is the fact that social media platforms now make it so much easier to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

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Of course, the benefits of owning a houseplant or three aren’t limited to the community you’ll have access to. Actually, the advantages of indoor plants should make them a necessity and not just part of the décor. Houseplants have scientifically been proven to reduce bodily and psychological stress (Lee et al., 2015). This is especially true if you interact with your indoor plants! So, the next time someone says you’re crazy because you tell your houseplants about your day...

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