I am here to be your friend and guide towards your personal blooming and remembrance of your truest most expansive self.

I am also a Sonic Alchemist, Writer, Artist, Truthteller, Musician, and Divine Channel here to support you, as the light worker that you are, to align with your Divine being.

As collaborators and cocreators, we will walk through the rites of passage needed on this Gaia realm. We will tend to our boundaries that need mending, curate our Earthly experience with the divine tools to embody self -commitment, and self- love. It is time.

I am here to support you to bloom into your finest being, the whole holy being, to be the womyn you know you are at your best, and to freaking shine ON!

I am here to remind you that bliss pleasure and abundance is not only possible but accessible as you bring on your higher self.

Through this opportunity during 21 days, you will re-member your body-spirit connection, cultivate the practice of integrity and revisit your joy, move through what is stagnant, release whatever has been stopping you, and soar into aligned awareness all in a community setting.

It’s always intimate.

The time is now beloved sistar. There is no more precious time to hesitate any longer. Your Community needs the brighter you, but most of all, YOU need YOU to SHINE brighter.

Come through to you. So that your offering to the world expands and serves Love.

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Paola de la concha
1 Hotmarter Year

sacred artist singer, sonic alchemist and quantum entrepeneur infinite awareness, curating.

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