This book features 20 essays on some aspects of life that are not covered in universities and schools. It is written in a popular language from the combination of three perspectives of analysis: scientific, philosophical, and spiritual. These three foundations are used simultaneously. As if they were three unison voices describing reality in what can be touched. They all show that it is necessary to relearn how to live daily. Each rehearsal is like a beam of light to make the time we currently live in more understandable. Every day is a time to wake up.

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Clear language; Examples of everyday life; Examples that can be tested; Short chapters; Grounded in science, philosophy, and spirituality.

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Daniel Nascimento e Silva
2 Hotmarter Years

Sou um cientista vinculado ao Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Amazonas. Sou graduado em Administração, mestre em Administração, doutor em Engenharia de produção e estágio de pós-doutorado em Administração. Atuo como docente desde o ensino médio ao pós-doutorado, desenvolvo estudos científicos sobre Gestão, Produção, Sustentabilidade, Formação de Professores, Aprendizagem, Inovação Tecnológica e Gestão da Inovação e realizo pesquisas tecnológicas nessas áreas, especialmente as que focam a solução de problemas seculares das populações amazônicas.

I am a scientist linked to the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Amazonas. I have a degree in Business Administration, a Master's in Business Administration, a Ph.D. in Production Engineering, and a postdoctoral internship in Business Administration. I worked as a teacher from high school to my post-doctorate. I develop scientific studies on Management, Production, Sustainability, Teacher Training, Learning, Technological Innovation, and Innovation Management and carry out technological research in these areas, especially those that focus on solving age-old problems of Amazonian populations.

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