Living in the 5th dimension


Living in the 5th dimension is to remember who you truly are. It is to be present in your life, acknowledging you are a multidimensional being, having multiple experiences simultaneously. Reality is not steady, the observer just perceives reality, and as you expand your consciousness, you can understand more layers of reality. Furthermore, as you expand your awareness, you can consciously make decisions with the freedom to shape your own reality. We invite you into this Journey of remembrance. This Journey will last six months, from Spring Equinox to Fall Equinox, with a weekly video and support material to go deep into yourself. The goal is not to understand the concepts below but to live and experience every one of them. Here we present a few topics that will be discussed and experienced:

Meditation, the oneiric world and altered state of consciousness.

Understanding the hermetic principles to navigate the net.

Guides, Star Beings, Ascended Masters and how to connect with your spiritual family.

Introduction to sacred geometry and using the Merkabah to anchor your Higher Self.

The topics were organized as a journey, from the center to the whole and from the whole to the center. However, a piece of this work is to allow the intuition to guide this Journey and be flexible to shuffle topics based on the group and the egregore that will be formed. I invite you to close your eyes and ask your Higher Self if you should accept this invite, follow your heart.

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