Melancholy Paradise

I write poems about love, about life, about colors and feelings, about purity, imagination, I write about our darkness and our light.

These are not just empty words, they are also the doors to your emotions, I want to wake up your dream world, your imagination.

Feel the colors, the aesthetics, the ecstasy of being breathing and existing, feel this wonderful gift of nature called art.

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Let's bring back the essence of the Beat Generation, let's be free spirits. Let's say what our hearts want, we're sleeping again, so let's wake up.

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Fernanda Milano Bandeira

Hello, my name is Fee. I'm here to make you feel, yes that's it, your imagination and emotions are the most important things and if I can touch them, it's all worth it.

I hope that my poems and my aesthetics touch your energies and wake up the dream world ūüĖ§‚ú®

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