Naval & Offshore Terms: 1,200 Technical Terms for Naval Architecture, Marine and Offshore Engineering in Brazilian Portuguese.


Nautical terms in portuguese are a challenge for those who are not used to.

The Brazilian offshore oil fields have been pushing the limits of the technology worldwide. First, the discovery of the giant fields in Campos Basin made de industry develop the necessary resources for exploration and production in deep water, now, on the 21st century, the pre-salt layer is once again pushing the limits of the industry.

And when we see the oil and gas exploration moving farer from the coast and deeper in the ocean, the solution was, and still is, floating facilities!

Now, let’s go back in history a little bit: Brazil was discovered by a Portuguese fleet in 1500 and became an independent country in 1880. The fist dictionary published in Brazil was in 1832 and already contained more de 150 nautical terms, most of which are still in use!

Right now there are many companies, from all around the world and non portuguese speakers, running operations in Brazilians waters. And they are dealing with the challenge to properlly communicate, in portuguese, in a technical environment with port authorities, navy, government, local contractors and crew without any technical reference... so far.

This whole context was my motivation for writing this book. Along my career, I have seen how difficult is to properly translate and understand the Brazilian nautical terms. And the task become more difficult due to the absence of a reliable source of information.

My objective is to somehow fulfill this gap.

I hope this book helps both the onshore teams and the offshore personnel (technicians and leaders) who works in Brazil or for projects developed for Brazilian waters, providing a reliable source for translating technical terms used in this industry.

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