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JOIN our Egbe Community. There is a $5.00 monthly donation to help off-set the monthly expenses of maintaining the website, the email platforms, internet access for Baba to stay connected from Africa, and administrative help, etc. This nominal donation allows us to continue bringing you updated information from Africa.

This community comprises of traditional Orisa practitioners, including Iyas and Babas, Olorisas, ordained priests, elders, and juniors, who study alongside Baba Solomon Omojie. Despite our diverse lineages and traditions, which include Lukumi, Candomble, and Isese or Esin Ibile, we are united by our love for Orisa and our shared desire to deepen our knowledge, grow, and elevate our practice. We value and respect the unique sacrifice, wisdom, tenacity, and beauty of our individual traditions while recognizing that our Olorisa brothers and sisters in Nigeria possess a special ability to expand our understanding, being situated at the source of our traditions.

Our Egbe community aims to study together to strengthen our relationship with our root traditions without seeking to replace or alter them. We create classes and foster a community based on our passion and enthusiasm for Orisa. Additionally, we study to ethically and expertly serve the people we care for as spiritual diviners, healers, iyalorisas and babalorisas, egbons and Olorisas. As a fundamental principle of Orisa worship, we receive in order to give. We acknowledge the longstanding dearth of knowledge and information originating from Olorisas in Nigeria that is accessible to Olorisas and other adepts in the Diaspora. Thus, we strive to build bridges, foster community, and enhance the skill sets and understanding of Olorisa practice.

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