NEXT LEVEL ENGLISH with Camille Hanson

Take your English to the next level with Polyglot, Youtuber & TEFL-certified instructor, Camille (USA English Native Speaker).


1 Understand English conversation between natives

2 Speak "everyday" English using real expressions

3 Tell Stories and talk about the future more fluidly

Real Life English conversations with three interesting people broken down into bite-sized videos.

Each video has 2 quizzes to test comprehension.

BONUS CONTENT! I’ll include an exclusive video on phrasal verbs, which I know are challenging! DOUBLE BONUS! A video where I read in English to help you with your pronunciation. Read along with me and take your pronunciation to the NEXT LEVEL!

Reach your goal of understanding English better and speaking with more confidence & greater vocabulary! Start Today!

Questions? Reach out on instagram: @camillehanson

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Camille Hanson
1 Hotmarter Year

I'm a polyglot & language lover who speaks 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. She knows what it takes to get to a higher level in languages and will help you too!

I know what it is like to be “in the trenches” (in the middle) of language learning.

I create English resources, books, and courses because I am a language learning JUST LIKE YOU. I know what it’s like to learn a language, the ups & downs, the emotions of it, the hardships but also the beauty of it. My goal is to create something that will help bring you to the next level and go after some of those difficult areas you may have with language / English learning.

I am learning my 4th language right now (French) and believe me it has been challenging! It is sometimes hard to know where to go and how to reach that next level.

I have experimented through trial and error the different ways to break through to the next level in a language learning. Now I am passing on what I’ve learned to YOU!

Don't give up! Tchau, caio!



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