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How long has it been? The adventurers lost track of time while in the astral sea. Was it years, decades, centuries? They passed through the astral opening back into the material plane. In the dark of night, it was difficult to spot what was around them. Ruins, it seemed. Those ruins were somewhat familiar, though. What could have happened to their home, to Panshaw?

The sound of howling broke the still of the night. Around the heroes a pack of werewolves appeared, sniffing and salivating with their eyes fixed on the party. With the skills learned on their long and arduous journey on the astral sea, the adventurers made short work of this first pack. It was far from over, though.

Investigations took place, and the heroes confirmed this was old Panshaw, but it had been overtaken by the curse of lycanthropy and vampirism. No humanity was left there. The adventurers thought of their loved ones gone, and the longing for connection burdened their hearts. They decided Panshaw had to be cleansed in order to rebuild. So began their new journey hunting the denizens of the night.

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