We send trading signals every day only of the EURUSD pair, on average we give 1 to 2 signals daily with a hit rate of 60% to 80%, we look for more quality than quantity so there are days where we will not send if we do not see a high percentage of winning the trade.


You can ask for offers if you contact us directly to Telegram or if you have any questions.

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Jesus Alberto Alzate Velasquez

Trader profesional del mercado de FOREX, manejamos an√°lisis fundamental y t√©cnico para enviar las se√Īales de trading

Tenemos mas 3 a√Īos de experiencia en el mercado de Forex, las se√Īales que enviamos tienen una efectividad de 60% a 80%, solemos mandar de 1 a 2 se√Īales diarias, ya que buscamos mas operaciones que tengan un alto grado de ganancia, aun as√≠, no descartamos que todo es probabilidad por lo que les ayudamos a gestionar el capital para que pueden tener el m√°ximo rendimiento.

NOTA: Cuando realice la compra nos pondremos en contacto con usted, le enviaremos los datos de acceso al grupo de se√Īales al correo electr√≥nico que tiene registrado en HOTMAR.


Professional FOREX trader, we handle fundamental and technical analysis to send trading signals.

We have more than 3 years of experience in the Forex market, the signals we send have an effectiveness of 60% to 80%, we usually send from 1 to 2 signals daily, since we look for more operations that have a high degree of profit, even so, we do not discard that everything is probability so we help you to manage the capital so that you can have the maximum yield.

NOTE: When you make the purchase we will contact you, we will send you the access data to the signals group to the email you have registered in HOTMAR.

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