Let's practice Portuguese!

Join us to learn and practice Brazilian Portuguese!

This is part of a series of thematic lessons aimed for beginners (A1-A2 level) to learn and practice Brazilian Portuguese!

In this lesson, we will talk about the city where you live.

During the class, I will present vocabulary and guide you on how to describe your city and give your opinion about how it is to live there.

I will also talk about my city: São Paulo.

I will introduce new vocabulary and language structures, and guide you all the way so you can express your ideas in Portuguese. We will also have some practical activities to complete and correct.

By the end of the class, I will solve your final doubts and hear your comments about the class. I always like to listen to what my students liked learning the most during the class.

This class is an opportunity for you to practice your speaking, and I like to create a safe and friendly environment so my students feel comfortable to talk, but in case you don't want to talk yet, you are free to just watch.

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We will meet online through Zoom platform on February 6th.

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Português com Pamela
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Oi, tudo bem? :)

My name is Pamela. I have a bachelor degree in languages and literature and a master degree in teaching foreign languages. I have also studied intercultural education at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK). I have always been interested in foreign languages, literature and communication, that’s why I have decided to become a teacher. I have been teaching Portuguese (my mother tongue) for more than 10 years now. My classes are based on the communicative and intercultural approach. I always like to hear about my students experience in learning a new language and help them to improve step by step. When I am free, I like to read books, watch TV series and spend time talking to my family and friends. I am an introvert so I like to connect and have meaningful conversations with people. I also love to travel and try different vegetarian dishes!

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