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Note: this is an add-on. You must have a recent version of PrivateContent and WooCommerce to use it.

Paid and limited-time subscriptions to PrivateContent

Turn PrivateContent into a real platform to monetize your content and set deadlines !

It is based on the most popular WordPress eCommerce system: WooCommerce ! Offering the most complete e-commerce experience you can have today thanks to its powerful, stable and extensible systems. Premium Plans also support recurring payments , in conjunction with the WooCommerce Subscription plugin!

According to LCweb's philosophy, you have complete freedom of configuration: the plans can be free or without a time limit. You can even set a trial period, applied to new registered users.

Resource list:

E-commerce and subscription

WooCommerce based (supports any of your payment gateways, solid ecommerce process)

Unlimited / free / limited time / infinite paid subscription plans

Sales price support + optional special registration price

recurring payments support (requires WooCommerce Subscription plugin )

Subscription duration extension options (to give away and get more)

Changing the fully dynamic plan (optional) for active subscribers

Discount coupon support

Plan trial period

Automated renewal system for expired plans

Options to remove registration plans or renew forms

Option to create non-changeable/renewable plans

shapes and blocks

3 registration module layouts

Plan the move and renew forms

Plan checkbox leading to registration page or lightbox

Optional plan tag strip (fully customizable) to catch user's attention

Shortcodes to show specific plan descriptions on registration or renewal forms

User order history block/passcode including invoices link if this plug-in is in use

Shortcodes/Blocks to show registered user's plan and expiry date

Subscription expiration reminder email (requires Mail Actions add-on)

Seamless integration with existing users

Online documentation

Simply the fastest, best way to ge

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