Radionic Healing and Mentoring Program

Do you feel you're not living the best version of your life?

It's time to realign yourself to start manifesting your Divine purpose.

Using a radionic table anchored in the energy of Archangel Michael and a few complementary graphics, I'll measure the vibration of your aura, of all your chakras, your polarization (Ying and Yang), check if there's an element or color missing and if there's any area of your life that should be given more attention to at the moment.

Then, you'll take your mentoring session, where you can share with me what is bothering you, and I share with you the results I found and we'll set up a plan to solve it.

***For me to have enough time to measure your energy before the meeting, I kindly ask you to schedule the mentoring session for 2 days after the moment you purchase the product and also send me your name, date of birth and the city you are currently living in.

After the meeting, I'll make all the adjustments necessary using the radionic table and the complementary graphics. If necessary, I make use of extra graphics and crystals to enhance the emission of their frequency.

I also activate the Merkabah and the Sword of Archangel Michael in your life.

It is important to remember that it is all done in order to align yourself with your Divine Purpose.

One week after making the adjustments, I recheck all that has been measured before and send you a file with the results that have been achieved. Their frequency usually lasts about 3 months.

I'm looking forward to meeting and assisting you. ✨

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Cosmoconscious Academy
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The Cosmoconscious Academy was founded by Rafaelle Brom, teacher, writer, medium, psychic, ET contactee and astral projector.

Our mission is to provide information, reflection and action on subjects such as the Expansion of Consciousness, Extraterrestrial Contact, the cocreation of the New Earth, the process of Developing Psychic Abilities and much more.

We help you be in alignment with your own essence, so that you can understand what your life purpose here is and live a fulfilled life achieving your goals and making the Earth a better place.

It's time to wake up.

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