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Dear Friend,

If you’re sick and tired of your… or your partner’s snoring… and you’d like to discover some simple methods to stop your annoying snoring… then you’ve come to the right website.

Here’s the story:

I think I’ve snored pretty much my entire adult life.

And for years I just thought I had to live with the effects it had on my life…

• Waking up always feeling tired…

• The dark circles under my eyes from not ever getting a good night’s rest…

• The embarrassment whenever I slept around anyone else…

• Feeling unconcentrated and sleepy all day at work…

I figured it was just the way I was… you know, some people snore and some don’t.

But things really came to a decision moment when I got married…

My constant snoring was driving my wife CRAZY!

She was kept up at night… always complained she wasn’t getting enough sleep… and my snoring was just generally straining our marriage.

I definitely didn’t need the extra stress and strain my snoring was causing our marriage (it’s tough enough sometimes!)

So I started doing some research on snoring…

How I became a “stop-snoring” expert

Okay, I'm not really a “stop-snoring” expert. But my wife and friends all think I am.

Here's why...

I really decided I was going to figure out what causes snoring and what I could do to stop I started studying.

I read everything I could find on the internet (a good place to start).

I got some magazines, some books, and talked to my doctor about it

Here's what I found out...

It’s Easier Than You Think!

It turns out, snoring is not that complicated a thing.

It’s not complicated to figure out why YOU are snoring (not everyone does it for the same reasons)… And how you can stop it yourself.

Then you can zero in on what it is that’s causing you to snore—and either fix the problem or change your lifestyle to reduce the effect it has on you snoring.

Here’s the problem…

"This product is not a substitute for expert opinion. Always consult a professional when dealing with health issues."

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There’s No Simple Guide!

I searched and searched for a good simple guide to stopping my snoring.

You know, a booklet that was low on fluff and just tells me what I need to know about getting rid of this annoying habit.

The Secrets Of Stopping Your Snoring For Good!

This is the guide I was looking for but couldn't find, here's just some of what's inside...

• 8 main causes of snoring – if you’re doing one of these things, eliminating it will probably make you quit snoring immediately. (pages 15-23)

• Sleep Apnea—what it is… how snoring can cause it… the potentially fatal dangers involved… and how you can tell if you’re at risk (pages 23-25)

• Is snoring ruining your relationship? You can do this (pages 26-28)

• How doctors can help—the 5 medical treatments you’ll probably be prescribed by a doctor to cure your snoring or sleep apnea (page 31)

• Drugstore Cures—Important information and the most effective methods to cure your snoring yourself with medicine and gadgets designed to stop snoring. (pages 33-40)

• All about snoring surgery—what you need to know about the different surgical options available to treat your snoring (pages 40-44)

• Is your medicine making your snore? If you’re using one of these 4 types of medicines—it just might be (pages 50-51)

• Official FDA and FTC consumer alerts on sleeping disorders like snoring and sleep apnea… plus, potential causes, cures and reviews of popular treatments (pages 58-70)

• Plus much more!

I'm sure that right about now, you're wondering...

How Much Does The Book Cost?

The real question is ask is: how much is it worth to finally know all the stuff about stopping your snoring you desperately NEED to know?

Less than 100 pages -- no fluff, all information you can put to work right now.

Order your copy of the book for just $12.

I'll send you not only the book itself, but also the audio book!

And if it doesn't work - I'll send you back your money.

Remember you Get The Book PLUS The Audio Book!

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