Strategies to Tame Your Dark Horse and Build Self-Control for a Flourishing Life

This is the beginning of a journey towards self-transformation. By applying the method shared here, with its many strategies, you will harness procrastination, leverage goal achievement and time management, channel mental and physical energy, focus on career enhancing goals (as opposed to career maintaining goals), and structure your life by avoiding distractions in unprecedented ways. You will learn about your Dark Horse, who, if TAMED, can be a tremendous source of positive energy for change and, if left untamed, can derail us indefinitely. I look forward to having you join me on this journey towards a PRODUCTIVE and flourishing life!

Gui Albieri, PhD

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Gui Albieri
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Welcome to Dark Horse Tamed! My name is Gui Albieri. I am a university administrator, trainer, and speaker. After working in Human Resources for an American multinational company in my home country, Brazil, I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, to pursue further education in human and organizational change and development. I received my PhD in Human and Organizational Systems and wrote my dissertation on how the construct of wisdom helps students achieve academic goals. It was through my PhD dissertation that I fell in love with the science of self-control. As a result, I wrote my first book - Tamed! Today, I live in New York where I help students and professionals tame their dark horses. I have created this course to help you achieve your goals and a flourishing life. I would love to hear from you how the principles and strategies shared here have helped you develop the life you have envisioned.

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