The Better And Healthy

You can become a healthier, happier and more successful person by making

a few simple changes to your lifestyle. You will have to make changes to the

overall you, not just change the amount of exercise you do or your diet. The

secret to achieving happiness and a healthier you is to balance your body and

mind in harmony, it is only when we are balanced in physical health, mental

and spiritual that we are truly healthy.

If we are healthy then we are happier and can reach success more easily in

life, here are some ways you can bring back harmony and balance to your life

Exercise is an essential part, it helps to tone our body, keep our heart and

lungs healthy and detoxifies. Exercise can be anything from more vigorous

routines such as aerobics to simply walking, pick your favorite activity and set

aside a specific time of day and commit yourself to devoting a half-hour per

day towards getting your body back into shape.

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Fabiano Lucas Ferreira
2 Hotmarter Years

Fabiano Lucas Ferreira


41 anos ,

Empreendedor digital;

A mais de 10 anos aconselhando casais .


✓Bacharel livre em teologia;

✓Capelania ;

✓Pastor evangelico;

✓Aconselhamento pastoral e cristão.

Criador do curso para casais "Método Restaurando Casamento".

E criador do E-book " 7 passos para restaurar seu casamento".

Além de dar aulas para casais que querem casar , mas tem dúvidas em relação ao verdadeiro significado de casamento .

E ministro do curso para jovens que buscam um relacionamento sério e de acordo com a vontade de Deus, segundo a sua palavra .

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