The Perfect Graphic Analysis Guide: From beginner to advanced

The book of the videos finally arrived!

Nowadays the new digital market is constantly growing. New opportunities, such as the world of stocks and cryptocurrencies, are becoming more and more profitable these days. In this book you will find a technical point of view on the occasional patterns that are constantly repeated on the charts of these assets. With +40 patterns, the material contains, in addition to graphic examples, an explanation of how the phenomena work.

Some market movements are extremely repetitive, and can be easily noticeable when you have the necessary tools at hand. This book will work as a guide that will show you the most common patterns in the market, which when foreseen in the right way, can guarantee you a big profit with the operations.

It will no longer be necessary to chase after random and dodgy materials out there. The guide arrived with everything ready for you to finally be able to carry out your operations. Understanding graphical analysis has never been easier. Don't be left out and get the book at the first limited time price!

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