The Psychodiagnosis Process and Learning Difficulties in a psychological care service


In this ebook I will try to give an account of the psychodiagnostic process and learning difficulties in the psychological care service of APEX Cerro as it relates to my experience in the care of children and in relation to a theoretical framework that I will try to relate to this experience of learning and extension that we do in this service of Cerro (geographical area of Montevideo, Uruguay).

First of all, I will try to give a context to the Apex service in terms of its origins, its objectives and the population - area - community in which it is inserted, without going too deeply into this aspect since other work would have to be done in this respect.

Later I will try to develop a theoretical framework about the psychodiagnostic process and the different instances that make it up, such as the reception interviews, the subsequent meetings with the patient and his/her family, the techniques that are administered, the return and the psychological report(s).

This theoretical-conceptual development will be combined with the experience I have had throughout this curricular year in the psychological care service of Apex (Internship at the Psychology Faculty of the University of the Republic of Uruguay, year 2004).

In a second part of this work, with a similar view to the first, I will address the issue of learning difficulties as it is the closest experience I have had so far, in the practice of service.

Finally, I will outline a reflection.

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