The Secret of Menorah & Hidden Pentecost

For centuries the mystery has been hidden between the lines of Scripture, but in the last days what was hidden, was revealed, know your Appointed Redemption. These studies will oppen your eyes for what was comming to your eternal destiny.

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1. Introduction

2. Appointed Feasts Fullfilled and Appointed Feasts to Fullfill

3. Paul's Concern

4. Pentecost is the Second Harvest of the First Fruits

5. Characteristics of Shavuot

6. Feasts and Fullfilment Ordens

7. The Wheat Rapture

8. Another Harvest

9. The Second Rapture

10. The Kingdom Gospel is the End

11. The Menorah Spirit

12. When will the Harvest be harvested?

13. The Hidden Pentecost

14. The New Offer

15. The Harvest and the Birth

15.1. The Birth and Weddingday conection

15.2. The Root, the Resurrection and the Reign

15.3. David's Root

15.4. The Eschatological Chronology of the Eight Pre-Prophets Books

16. The Most Importante Decision

17. The Eminence Paradigm

18. The Christ Menorah

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