The Wealth Cycle - Dividends


The Wealth Cycle is a method to invest by yourself and receive dividend payments every month. And you can do it even if you:

- Have no experience investing - because the classes will give you detailed instruction on how to start and how to take the best from your investments.

- And/or if you are living on an entry level salary - because you can start to invest as low as $10 and then increase it over time.

Course topics:

Embracing The Wealth Cycle:

- TWC Map: Now, Why, How, Then

- The key to invest every month

Uncovering the Layers of Investing:

- Investment platform

- Investment account

- Investment itself

Taking the Best of your investments:

- Decoding the market maze

- The super power: building wealth through Reinvestment

- The dividend clock: Optimizing Returns with time and discipline

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