What I Didn’t Learn About Affiliate Marketing but Wish I Had

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. What is Affiliate Marketing

1.1. Component of an effective affiliate marketing system

1.2. Affiliate Marketing Basics

1.3. What is the best way to start affiliate marketing?

1.4. Steps to start affiliate marketing for beginners

1.5. Terminologies used in affiliate marketing

1.6. What is the best way to locate potential Affiliate Programs to join?

Chapter 2. Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

2.1. Benefits for Companies

2.1.1. Low startup expenses

2.1.2. Low long-term expenses

2.1.3. Low risk

2.1.4. Traffic that is specifically targeted

2.1.5. Flexibility

2.1.6. A high return on investment

2.1.7. Considerable number of affiliate marketers

2.2. Benefits of affiliate marketing as an Income source

2.2.1. It's a profitable and widely spread market

2.2.2. It's a low-risk business venture

2.2.3. Affiliate marketing does not necessitate any prior knowledge

2.2.4. It may be seen as a passive revenue stream

2.2.5. Convenience and flexibility

2.2.6. There's no need to build your own publicity kit

2.2.7. There are several approaches and solutions from which to select

Chapter 3. Choosing a Product to Promote

3.1. Find Products That Are Evergreen

3.2. Choose a niche before choosing products

3.3. Utilize the product to the fullest extent possible

3.4. Look for a vendor that appreciates affiliates

3.5. Make sure the affiliate tracking functions are working properly

3.6. Make contact with joint ventures

3.7. Create a list

3.8. Examine the market demand

Chapter 4. Niching Down

4.1. Think about your own hobbies and interests

4.2. Determine the niche's potential for monetization

4.3. Evaluate the Niche's Competitiveness and Search Volume

4.4. Determine the number of accessible traffic sources

4.5. Look for market flaws that you can target

4.6. Look for websites that have been already sold or that may be profitable acquisitions

4.7. Define your unique selling proposition (USP)

Chapter 5. High Ticket vs. Low Ticket

5.1. Low tickets

5.2. High ti

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