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Hi and welcome to the 12 Meetings - Online Women‚Äôs Circle ūüėä

Women's Circle is NOT a group therapy nor a discussion group in which a woman speaks and receives some comment on what has been said. In this way, each time a woman has the space to share, all the others learn to sustain silence and practise non-judgment by active listening.

- The idea is to create small group of women (min of 3 and max of 6), where we can share our experiences and, through the willingness to silence, build a space without judgment in which the woman calmly exposes her experience, personal stories without interruption or expectation that someone will offer her advice or help.

- Each meeting lasts 90 minutes via GOTOMEETING and in each meeting we aim to discuss and learn new ways to see and make most use of our feminine energy.

- The planning of the 12-meeting journey is for the group to meet throughout the year (Total of 12 meetings, one meeting per month)

- Group exchange value ¬£35 ‚Äď Hotmart Signature program

- Online Women’s Circle is open to women of any age and has no ties to religion.

- To participate it is necessary to have a good internet connection, camera, headphones, and microphone. It is mandatory to use headphones and a private location for the meetings, as well as the use of the Camera in open mode during the entire meeting.

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