Workshop Pilates Arm Chair


The Arm Chair workshop will increase your job opportunities as it is a piece of Pilates equipment not well known in Pilates studios. Therefore, be a differentiated professional providing a job with the Arm Chair and stand out in the job market.

Learn all the exercises you can use for your clients on the Arm Chair. The Arm Chair repertoire is perfect for training your arms, core, rehabilitation, balance and coordination.

Given the Arm Chair's size, it is a cost-effective and space-saving piece of equipment, making it a perfect addition to your pilates business or home studio.

Learn all the exercises you can use for your clients on the ArmChair. 

The Arm Chair repertoire is perfect for training your arms, core, rehabilitation, balance and coordination.

1. Introduction

2. Features of Arm chair

3. General Care

4. Starting position

5. Sitting: 
Arms in and out; Arms lower and lift; Small circle; Arm circle; Boxing; Alternate the arm; Scapular mobility; Arms up and down; Triceps; Salute; Salute Variation; Shaving; Shaving one arm; Hug; Hug with roll back; Offering; Reverse chest expansion; Spine Stretch; Butterfly; Saw; Horseback; From the chest; Hundred.

6. Arm Chair with Stick
: Arms up and down; Boxing; Side to side

7. Sitting sideways
: Arm up and down; Arm circle

8. Kneeling
: Breathing; Pull Straps T; Pull Straps T with neck rotation; Chest Expansion; Twist; Thigh stretch

9. Half kneeling: 
Swakatee Series 1; Swakatee Series 2; Swakatee Series 3; Swakatee Series 4; Swakatee Series 5

10. Standing
: Breathing; Biceps curls; Squats

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