Meet the speakers at Hotmart MASTERS

Hotmart is one of the largest companies in the world in digital product sales and, for 10 years, it has helped change the lives of those who work online. MASTERS brings together some of the leading market experts in content and experience who can share the best practices with new entrepreneurs to scale businesses and expand possibilities.

Gary Vaynerchuk

World-renowned digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, Best-selling author, and Speaker

Online talk: Listen to your audience to build meaningful businesses

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Online Business Owner and International Speaker

Online talk: My 5-Step process to build your email list

Sebastian Beja

Head of platform growth at Mindvalley

Online talk: How Mindvalley Capitalized Organic Traffic Internationally

Alec Henry

Cofounder of Entrepreneurs, Serial Investor, and Entrepreneur

Online talk: Promise Less and Deliver More: The best way to run your business.

Alejandro Novás

CEO at ‘Vivir de tu Pasión’ and Co-Director at ‘Mundo Entrenamiento’ and ‘Mentalidad Invencible’

Online talk: Create a Webinar that Converts Leads into Customers without being a Copywriter

Antonio G

Creator of Viajera Intelligence and founder of the Digital Nomad School

Online talk: 6 steps to become a digital nomad and take your business in your backpack

Sergio Fernández

CEO at Instituto Pensamiento Positivo and Best-Selling author

Online talk: Entrepreneurship: focus leads to growth

Ricardo Teixeira

Digital Marketing Expert and Founder of KIAI Programs for Entrepreneurs

Online talk: How to create a strong personal brand and become a reference in the market

Regina Carrot

Multiplatform Content Creator, Entrepreneur and Writer

Online talk: How to create a community that generates conversions

Dr. César Lozano

Writer, Radio Host, TV Personality, and International Speaker

Online talk: Your attitude towards change

Roberto Gamboa

Expert and a reference in paid traffic in the Spanish-speaking market, and Director at Instituto de Tráfico Online [ITO].

Online talk: 3 secrets I learned about paid traffic after investing €800K in one of Hotmart's biggest launches worldwide

João Pedro Resende

Hotmart CEO and Cofounder

Online talk: Passion Changes Everything

Caroline Caracas

Founder of Marketing Minds and Expert in Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Online talk: How to build community and authority on social media

Ismael Cala

President and founder of Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Ismael Cala Foundation

Online talk: The Business of Being You - Entrepreneurship from within

María José Flaqué

Founder of "Mujer Holística", the largest platform in the world in Spanish on spirituality, meditation, and abundance

Online talk: Energy, spirituality, and abundance: how to incorporate them into your business

Tatiana Arias

Entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor and creator of the Financial Happiness system

Online talk: Strategies to build a successful business

Juan Martitegui

1st COO at, Co-founder at Mindvalley Hispano and founder at Scale Mastermind and Podcast

Online talk: How to grow and scale your projects with digital marketing and innovative management

Raúl Maraña

Business Development Director at Hotmart

Online talk: Global Digital Product - How to expand your business internationally