Cookie Policy

Version updated on June 14, 2021

HOTMART worries about its USER’s privacy. Furthermore, HOTMART values the transparency of its activities and always makes it clear for the USER how the Platform works.

Therefore, by accepting Hotmart’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you need to understand and consent with our Cookie Policy and automatic data collection tool, which aims to clarify how such tools work, their purpose, as well as how to enable and disable them.

Notwithstanding, we strongly recommend you attentively read the Cookie Policy and automatic data collection tool prior to registering or browsing Hotmart’s sites and platform.

Finally, we emphasize that even though the USER is able to allow the use of cookies and other data collection tools or not, the refusal of the User to allow cookies and automatic data collection tools will make it impossible for HOTMART to provide services in full and adequately.

What are cookies and data collection tools

It is important to clarify what Cookies and similar technologies are prior to mentioning why and what to use them for.

To come to the point, Cookies are a small data file (usually encrypted text files) that websites request the users’ browser store, whether on the computer or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)

The main purpose of cookies is to enable the users’ browser “to remember” its actions and/or preferences throughout time, making it possible that websites that use cookies provide services faster, more efficiently, and customized to the users, without the need to enter the same information over again.

Therefore, cookies are used, among other purposes, to identify USERS, store and remember preferences customized by USERS, help USERS complete tasks without the need to re-enter information when browsing from one website to another or when visiting the Platform again.

Other data collection tools, similar to Cookies, are also employed by the HOTMART Platform, analytic and tracking cookies that aim to collect USER data and understand their behavior to enable the Platform to work.

We emphasize that we do not collect USER information and data that are not necessary to enable the full and adequate use of the Platform and only to the extent to provide the services explicit in the Terms of Use.

Moreover, the processing and use of the information and data collected from the USERS must always respect the Privacy Policy of the Platform, therefore, it is essential that the USER attentively reads all the policies of the Platform.

Although most browsers accept cookies, the user can always configure the browser to refuse the use of cookies, being able to delete them whenever they want.

What type of cookies do we use?

Essentially, there are two groups of cookies that can be used:

PERMANENT COOKIES: são cookies que ficam armazenados ao nível do browser nos seus equipamentos de acesso (PC, mobile e tablet) e que são utilizados sempre que faz uma nova visita a um dos nossos websites. São utilizados, geralmente, para direcionar a navegação aos interesses do utilizador, permitindo-nos prestar um serviço mais personalizado.

SESSION COOKIES: temporary cookies stored on your browser until you leave the website. The information obtained by these cookies is used to analyze traffic patterns on the web, allowing us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

Categories of cookies

Category of cookie that allows the HOTMART Platform to remember information that changes how the site behaves or is displayed, such as the preferred language or the location the user is. The main objective in using this type of cookie is to improve the user experience when using the PLATFORM.

ANALYTICS: Category of cookie that aims to enable site and app owners to understand and analyze how visitors use and interact with their websites, products and services by collecting usage information and statistics from website reports. To do so, it is not necessary to personally identify users.

TRACKING: Category of cookie that register clicks on links, adds and commercial transactions such as sales and leads by storing files on the devices of people who visited the website of our users (Producers and Affiliates.)

We emphasize that the only purpose of using tracking cookies on the platform is to identify a transaction made by an Affiliate through its Affiliate link, enabling their commissioning once a transaction is completed. Therefore, said cookie does not collect personal data from visitors but only when and on the device in which a click on an affiliation link occurred thus leading to the register of such information.

Therefore, we emphasize that it is the obligation of PRODUCERS and AFFILIATES of the HOTMART PLATFORM, when generating and using the affiliation link with tracking cookies, to get the free, informed, and unquestionable consent from users and visitors from the websites and other locations where the affiliation links are shared and/or made available.

Moreover, USERS (PRODUCERS and AFFILIATES) will be fully responsible for complying with the applicable laws and norms related to the protection of personal data, especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union, taking full responsibility for obtaining the expressed and unequivocal consent from users/customers in relation to the collection, storage, treatment and processing of personal data, in the terms of the applicable legislation. Therefore, HOTMART is not held responsible for eventual failure of its USERS in complying with such rules, reserving the right to suspend and/or cancel the contract with USERS who are not in conformity with the applicable data protection legislation, as well as retain balance from receivables from such USERS as partial compensation from damages, or to deliver such balances to a third-party under court order.

ADVERTISING: Category of cookie used to adjust the advertising to the profile of the user impacted, improving their experience and aiming to grant enhanced effectiveness for advertisers.

PROCESSES: Category of cookie used to improve the operation of the PLATFORM, aiming for users to find the services and information they expect.

Quadro geral de cookies

Type of cookiesWhy we use this cookieDo we share it?How long we store it
Google Analytics: _ga
To extract information about the usage of the platform through Google AnalyticsYes (Google)Eternal
Plataforma Hotmart:
lastAccess_ productData

Every piece of data saved is part of the user settings using the platform. They ensure that the system works properly according to the needs of the user. The following information is managed:

  • User registration data
  • User access data
  • User products datao
  • User language
HotPay: lastAccess_

Every piece of data saved guarantee the affiliation tracking (knowing who was responsible for recommending the product to the buyer). For this to happen, we have the following information saved:

  • User access data
  • Data of the product to be purchased
  • Buyer’s FraudScore
Hot Analytics:
Anonymous and unique identification of the user to Hotmart Analytics. Carrying out business rules where it is necessary to know who the user is, for example, commissioning rules, analytics metrics, and user browsing profile.NãoN/A
HotMart Club

For Hotmart Club to work properly, we need the following information to be saved:

  • Validation to ask if the user wishes to receive browser notifications
  • User language
  • Information on products that can be bought
  • Access permissions
  • User access data
Hotmart Hub

For Hotmart Hub to work properly, we need the following information to be saved:

  • User access data
  • User language
  • User registration data

For Hotmart PlayBox to work properly, we need the following information to be saved:

  • User access data
  • User language
  • User registration data
  • Identifying the current session of the user
Sparkle Sparkle.User hmLangCookie fr claimId claimToken

For Sparkle to work properly, we need the following information to be saved:

  • User registration data
  • User language
  • Facebook Pixel
  • ID from user about to claim a fake profile
  • Token received from API after the user requests claim
Yes. The Facebook Pixel is shared with the account of the Sparkle app on Facebook to keep an integration among all the users in the app and Facebook.3 months

How to manage cookies on your browser

All browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explore, FireFox, etc.) allow the user, when visiting or accessing a website, to accept, refuse or erase cookies, namely by selecting the appropriate definitions on said browser. You can configure cookies on the menu “options” or “preferences” of your browser.

Removing or refusing cookies on the browser does not necessarily affect flash cookies of third-parties used with our Services. To delete or disable flash cookies, visit this site for more information.

However, we emphasize that, by partially or completely disabling cookies, the HOTMART PLATFORM will be unable to provide the services offered through the PLATFORM or might lead to the inadequate working of the website.

Where to find more information?

If you are interested in finding more information about cookies, such as how to manage, delete and even view which cookies were configured on your device, access and

Alteration of this cookies policy

HOTMART grants the right to, at any moment, make changes on this Cookies Policy by updating its content according to the technological perfection needs or its functionalities.

Whenever there is a change in the Cookies Policy, HOTMART will communicate their users by email or a post in a highlighted area on the Platform and will request their express agreement with the Privacy Policy altered.

If you continue using the tools offered by HOTMART after it was communicated the Cookies Policy has been altered, this will be considered as giving unequivocal consent and acceptance of all terms and conditions contained on the Policy that was altered.

Questions? Talk to us!

if there are any points in this Policy that was not clear, is there were question, or if you want to make any requests about cookie and personal data eventually processed by HOTMART, get in touch at, with the following sentence in the title “Cookies Policy.”