Aje - Orisa of Wealth: Her Power and Beauty Revealed

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Presented by: Egbe Imodoye Orisa - This lecture series will reveal the mysteries of the Orisa of Wealth know as Aje, the magnificent daughter of Olokun. Throughout the diasporic world of Orisa worship, Aje and Olokun have been thought of as one and the same. They are not. Aje is a force of nature all in herself. Most importantly the energy of Aje is responsible for the wealth, the well being of our lives. Aje is transformative in that she will reveal the importance of the connections with our Ori and various Orisa to facilitate the sustainability of wealth and success we are all seeking in our experience of Ancestral and Orisa worship. What is needed now more than ever is the knowledge of who and what Aje is and how to bring her solidly into our lives to support the sustainable well-being of our own Ori, relationships with family, and in the community. Whatssap question and answer chat will be open for one month.

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In depth exploration of Orisa Aje

Oriki, prayers, offerings and Oogun (medicine)

aspects such as Ori, Omi, the Orisa Osun and how they relate to Orisa Aje


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