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Automatiser Bot Marketing is a complete training program that will make you a #ChatMarketing expert with all the power of Facebook Messenger; Here we teach you very high-level, effective and proven strategies to sell any type of product and/or service with the help of professional bots. An ideal program for professionals from all areas, companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to maximize their sales and take the relationship with their clients to a new level. Master the business; You will be ready to generate excellent income with this knowledge!
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Automate your prospect interactions

Regardless of whether you are building brand visibility through Facebook comments on posts that use the Facebook comment plug-in, or you are active on niche-related pages or groups, you can pump this traffic to your Facebook Messenger chatbot. It all boils down to you engineering, or folding in a logical call to action into all your messaging activities online.

It may seem passive. It may seem like you're not dropping a link, but if you know what you're doing and you're building a tremendous amount of credibility and authority in your brand, people will be eager to find you. Turbocharge that process by making it very easy for people to find your direct Facebook Messenger link, get a hold of your brand.

Once their Facebook Messenger app opens, and they respond to your initial message, you can then filter them through different logic trees so as to give them the message that they're looking for, at precisely the time that they are more likely to act on it.

Use your direct messenger link on paid ads for instant, automated Messenger chat sessions. One of the most powerful ways to acquire new customers on Facebook, is to link your paid Facebook ad to your automated Messenger chat session. This means that when people respond to your ad, they probably would have a very narrow set of questions.

You then set up a wide range of different answers to answer that fairly narrow range of questions. This way, you are marketing like you're shooting in a barrel; you know what to expect. It's not like people clicking on that link will have a very wide range of all inquiries.


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