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This is a high level basic ESL (English as a second language) course, Intended for those who have already had regular English classes some time in the past, but yet, can't quite grasp basic elements of the English language such as ; verb to be, different pronouns, auxiliary verbs, present, past, continuous and present perfect tenses. Modal verbs and much more. All in one, complete basic course. More than 50 Videos and 3.5 hours of classes.

This course contains 8 Modules.

Modules are released weekly. (For more productivity.

Live Sessions via webinars

The modules will include:

- Verb to Be (Affirmative)

- Articles

- Verb to Be (Negative)

- WH Questions

- Verb to Be (Interrogative)

- Demonstration Pronouns

- Possessive and Object Pronouns

- Simple Present (Action Verbs)


- Present Continuous

- Verb to Be (Past)

- Regular and Irregular Verbs


- Double verb structures

- The Future

- Present Perfect

and much, much more.

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