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Be the Creator of your Life - PRO is a powerful 7-week Coaching Program based on 7 modules with the aim to intensify your journey to design your life, living your dreams, without limits.
In an intensive 7-week Online Coaching Program (with an extra week for preparation) you will travel to 7 big destinations, to connect with:
Module 1: The power of CHANGE
Module 2. The power of TRUST
Module 3: The power of DREAMS
Module 4: The power of NATURE
Module 5: The power of ORIENTATION
Module 6: The power of SELF-VALUE
Module 7: The power of CONVICTION
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Be the Creator of your Life - PRO is a symphony between a profound self-discovering and spiritual journey, accompanied by the reading and exploring of the book "7 spiritual laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra, which builds one of the main collum of the program and the practice of meditation.

Together we will travel in 7 weeks towards

1. The power of change to connect you with the ability to be the proactive creator of change, accompanied by the spiritual law of least effort. Free yourself from the fear of change and a high level of stress from your daily life and to open up and flow toward a state of happiness, abundance, and gratitude.

2. The power of trust: You will learn how to find trust in your own story, discovering the opportunities behind every challenge in life and trusting your path, accompanied by the law of detachment, healing your past.

3. The power of your dreams: You will discover throughout the law of intention and wishes the source of abundance that connects you with the ocean of infinite possibilities, discovering on a profound level the connection to your purpose.

4. The power of nature: You will learn who to connect with the law of full potentiality throughout the connection with nature and silence, balancing your nature, your truth to achieve stability and mental, spiritual and physical health by growing your emotional and spiritual intelligence.

5. The power of guidance & Kharma: to achieve new orientation and learn to ask for personal help and guidance to direct you toward your vision, life-dreams and at the same time becoming a person of influence that sheds your own light.

6. The power of self-value: Connect with deep trust and explore the love within that will lead you to feel stronger than any doubt in your life, practicing the law of giving and receiving.

7. The power of conviction: Discover the law of purpose, freeing yourself from what stops you and identifying your natural skills and competencies


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