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Be the Creator of your Life

Are you often looking around you, observing others enjoying their lives, traveling the world, loving their jobs or vocation, having fulfilled relationships, earning a lot of money, living happy and healthy lives – while you are asking yourself, what am I missing, why am I stuck, pleasing everyone instead of creating my life?

Are you asking yourself “Is that all life has to offer?” feeling frustrated, seeking change, knowing that somehow there is so much for you to discover out there?

And do you know the feeling that your heart tells you that there are so many more amazing things waiting for you, but you simply don’t know where to start, how to get there and on top what you really, really want?

If so…Imagine how you would start a new day full of excitement and gratitude for being able to create and live exactly the life you always wanted to live.

Imagine yourself liberated, full of clarity, energy, and ease, designing your life actively, allowing yourself to believe in your dreams, having overcome all limitations, fears, and doubts.

Imagine yourself full of confidence, having deep faith in yourself. Imagine yourself being the creator of your own life, living your full potential and uniqueness, free, liberated and full of joy.

I believe that this is possible for you and your life. Just imagine you are not alone.

If you feel the same way, then you are on the way to becoming the creator of your life.

Be the Creator of your Life - Starter is a powerful 21-day Coaching Program based on 3 modules, intended for you to design your life, living your dreams, without limits.

In an intensive 3-week Online Coaching Program (with an extra week for preparation) you will travel to three big destinations, to connect with:

Module 1: The POWER of New Beginnings

Module 2. The MAGIC of your Dreams

Module 3: The SOURCE of true Conviction

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You will learn:

1. To start where you are:

How to free yourself from the fear of change and a high level of stress from your daily life, to come out of that emotional deadlock, open up and flow toward a state of happiness, abundance and gratitude with new routines to elevate your energy.

2. To dream BIG:

How to find the clarity within your dreams and how to manifest them, learning how to focus your awareness and energy on your personal goals and how to specify them. You will learn how to create a vision, building your own terms for your desired life with a clear plan of action.

3. To be convinced:

Learn how to break free and transform your limiting beliefs, how to take massive action, freeing yourself step by step from what stops you and identifying your natural skills and competencies.

Because I know that YES, YOU CAN, you are capable, and you deserve the best!

What will await you:

- Personalized Online Coaching Program of 3 weeks of 21 days with daily videos throughout the entire process

- 1 week of induction and preparation with an induction worksheet

- Daily Whats App Affirmations and Inspirations

- International Community on Facebook for all Questions & Answer


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