Finishing Good Games That Sell - Advanced Training Program by Gabriel Dal Santo

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In this 8 weeks long program, you will step up as a PROFESSIONAL indie game developer, either if you are already developing a game or if you are choosing your next project.

Rather than focusing on academic formats or theory, this program is designed as a mind transfer that will have you thinking and acting not as a hobbyist game developer, but as a pro that is capable of understanding the market, planning smart products that you are capable of developing to high standards and finishing on time, and selling to an eager audience that you identify and connect with from the get go.

The lessons will be delivered starting on the moment of registration, and will be uploaded on a weekly basis until the end of the main training period (after which they stay available indefinitely as VODs that you can come back to whenever you need). Besides getting a hold of the whole framework, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other students.

There is no magic, each person's results will vary and hard work is required. This program will help you create a career path as an indie developer that is unique to you, your tastes and your abilities. By leveraging on the knowledge and experience that usually can only be obtained through years of trial and error, you will cut off years of your learning curve and start working towards some real results now! :)

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Gabriel Dal Santo is a game developer, public speaker and coach for indies. His uncommon background combines a degree on marketing, 8 years of experience as a senior project manager at IBM and 20+ years of personal experience with game development, at first as a hobbyist and then as a professional in co-founded studio Pixel Cows. Between b2b work and development of Pixel Cows' games, he also leads the Pro Indie Dev Institute, which organizes several initiatives that aim to make professional game development knowledge available to more developers, and provides high end coaching and training.

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