Full pack - Kit completo de inglês para kids e pre-teens

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Este pack contém o material completo com todas as atividades e jogos em PDF, slides com imagens e gamificação customizáveis para que o professor possa adaptar de acordo com suas necessidades.

Indicado para crianças de 4-11 anos e alunos da Educação Infantil e do Ensino Fundamental I.


Pets and Farm animals

Zoo and Sea animals

Is it a dog? Yes, it is.

Are they elephants? Yes, they are.

Boys and girls and numbers

Hello, what's your name?

How are you?

Fruits and numbers

I like vegetables

This is my body

That is my knee

My family and me

My home

There is a bed

My meals

My school

My school objects

My school objects and colors

Toys and numbers


My world

Pets and Farm animals

Zoo animals

This is a bird

My clothes

My family

My home

In my house

Let's count to 10!

So many numbers 11-20

Where is the cat? Prepositions

In my school

School objects

Is it a pencil?

Can and Can't

Sports and Hobbies

How old are you?

Months and seasons

House objects

Prepositions of place



Past time activities

What time is it?

Present Continuous

Verb to be affirmative

Verb to be Short forms

Adverbs of frequency


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  2. Details

- slides customizáveis para o professor adaptar de acordo com suas necessidades

- exposição de vocabulário e gramática

- slides gamificados para facilitar a prática de forma lúdica

- atividades em PDF para cada lição

- acesso vitalício

- banco de dados atualizado sem custo adicional


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