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TurboVar is a template for Java Web Applications. TurboVar provides a set of Java code for the back-end that makes it able to receive and process REST API calls coming from the front-end. The front-end is responsive and is composed of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, empowered by Bootstrap 4. TurboVar gives an out of box project that you can import into Eclipse and customize for your needs and speed up development process. You do not need experience with Spring or other Java frameworks. You do not need experience with front-end frameworks like Angular or React. You will not need to create a project from scratch, which typically include tasks like: create the project; include libs for REST API processing, Database access, XML/JSON parsers, Java servlet; organize content; create authentication and authorization mechanisms; make REST API work (it can be troublesome the first time);
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Responsive Web APP

No experience with complex (and sometimes boring) web frameworks is required. TurboVar uses Bootstrap 4 for front-end.

No Frameworks

Based on pure Java. No experience on Java frameworks (e.g. Spring) is necessary.


Simple authentication and authorization implemented and ready to use out of the box.

Developed by Professionals

Developed by experienced Software Engineers, which want to continue to use Java.

15-day warranty

Safe payments

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